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Electric vehicle interactive

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Energy Environment Technology Non-Renewable Energy

In this interactive resource, students will build an electric car using the components provided. Students are then required to identify where various raw materials have been used in the production of the car by dragging the raw materials to different parts of the car。

Educational value statement

  • Outlines the major components of an electric vehicle.
  • Provides students with an opportunity to assemble an electric vehicle.
  • Outlines the many resources that go in to producing electric vehicles.

Key learning objectives

  • Students correctly assemble an electric vehicle.
  • Students understand that many different resources are required to produce an electric vehicle.
  • Students correctly identify where the various raw materials have been used in the production of the vehicle.
  • Students learn how the various raw materials are turned in to the finished product.

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