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Environmental Aspects of Uranium Mining

Year Level(s) Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Energy Environment Uranium
Resource Type Fact Sheet
Publish Date 16th Apr 2013

This fact sheet explores the environmental issues associated with uranium mining in Australia. What are the potential risks to the environment with uranium mining and how are governments and mining operators currently collaborating to manage these risks? Find out how mining companies seek approvals for mining plants and what is required of them before, during and after the operation.

Educational Value Statement

  • Explains potential risks to environment of uranium mining.
  • Explains current management practices that aim to reduce impact on environment and focus on safety for workers.
  • Explains the processes mining companies must undertake to negotiate for project approval.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students describe the environmental risks associated with uranium mining.
  • Students describe the waste products of uranium mining and how these are managed.


Science Understanding

Australian Curriculum Content Statements

Science: ACSSU116; ACSSU153

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