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Giants that Walk the Earth- A study of the Dragline PowerPoint

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10 Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Engineering Technology Maths Science General Science Physics Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Coal & Low Emission Technology Mining Technology
Resource Type Presentation
Publish Date 24th Jun 2010

This comprehensive ‘Giants that Walk the Earth’ PowerPoint provides a study of the dragline; the largest piece of machinery in operation in Australia. All year levels will benefit from the introduction with the latter sections more suited to the senior years of Physics and Engineering Technology.

Introduction (school years 6-12)
This Power Point provides a brief overview of a dragline including its history and the major dragline components. It features the Marion 8050 which has a boom length of 100m and a bucket capacity of 60 cubic metres. This means it lifts some 138 tonnes of earth and rock with each scoop.
It took two years to construct and has a price tag of more than a hundred million dollars!

How a dragline walks (school years 8-12)
This PowerPoint examines the walking system of the dragline and includes the walking ’shoes’ or ‘feet’ and associated mechanisms. Detailed drawings of the components are included.

How a dragline digs (school years 10-12)

This PowerPoint examines the digging and dumping cycle of a dragline. The boom and bucket assembly and the mechanisms used to operate them are described in detail. The machinery house and rotational system are further explained through images and diagrams as are the motor assemblies and hoist and drag machinery.

Draglines and electricity (school years 11-12)
This PowerPoint examines the electricity and electrical systems required by draglines including delivery of electricity, estimated costs, system of motors and generators. Detailed drawings of the electrical components are provided. It also features the Bucyrus 8750 dragline which is amongst the largest draglines in use in the world. In total, its motors are capable of generating 9MW of power which is equivalent to the amount of power used by 12 343 average homes!

Links to the Queensland Physics Syllabus 2007:
Key Concepts: F1, E1, E2, E3, M2
Key Ideas F1.2, E1.2, E1.3, E2.1, E3.1, E3.4, M2.4

Queensland Resources Council wishes to acknowledge Ensham Resources for the assistance it provided in the development of this PowerPoint and associated educational resources.

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