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National electricity market fact sheet

Year Level(s) Years 7-10 Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Science General Science
Topic(s) Energy Environment Gas
Resource Type Fact Sheet
Publish Date 13th Aug 2018

This fact sheet outlines the way in which the electricity markets in many Australia States and Territories are linked. It outlines how electricity is imported and exported between States and Territories and how this is used during periods of peak capacity.

Educational value statement

  • Outlines the interconnected nature of the State and Territory electricity markets
  • Examines how and why electricity is traded between States and Territories.

Key learning objectives

  • Students recognise that electricity is a commodity that can be traded via the National Electricity Market.
  • Students understand that electricity needs change dependant on the time of day and the season.


Australian Curriculum content statements
Science: ACSPH012; ACSPH015

5 National Electricity Market

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