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Transformers and the Australian National Electricity Grid

Year Level(s) Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Physics
Topic(s) Energy Technology Non-Renewable Energy
Publish Date 13th Aug 2018

In this worksheet, students will use the information and provided formulas to answer questions related to the transmission of electricity.

Educational value statement

  • Explains how transformers work.
  • Explains why transformers are need in the transmission of electricity.
  • Provides students with an opportunity to use formulae to calculate answers to questions.

Key learning objectives

  • Students understand how transformers work and why they are necessary.
  • Students understand that transformers do not have one hundred percent efficiency.
  • Students apply their knowledge of transformers to answer questions.
  • Students use provided formulas to calculate answers to questions.


Australian Curriculum content statements
Science: ACSPH042; ACSPH043; ACSPH110; ACSPH108

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