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Uranium Mines in SA Map

Year Level(s) Years 7-10
Topic(s) Energy Mining Uranium Underground Mining
Resource Type Media Video Short Movie
Publish Date 13th May 2011

South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy is acknowledged as the provider of this resource.

This interactive is a map of Australia including a simple legend and information about three South Australian uranium mines. South Australia is emphasised on the map in a different colour and three locations are marked: Olympic Dam, Beverly and Honeymoon. Scrolling over each of these locations causes an illustration and text box to appear, providing information about the mine and uranium deposit.

Educational value statement

  • Identifies the location of three South Australian uranium mines: Olympic Dam Mine, Beverly Mine, and Honeymoon Mine which is still awaiting approval before mining can begin.
  • Provides information about three uranium mines including the dates the uranium deposits were discovered; the depth of the deposits; the mining methods used; and tonnage of uranium produced each year.
  • Highlights the size and significance of these mines in terms of known uranium resources in Australia and the world.
  • Illustrates the remote and barren South Australian landscape in which these mines are located.

Key learning objectives

  • Students gather information about the history and production of three large uranium mines.
  • Students identify the size and scale of South Australia’s uranium deposits and their contribution to the production of uranium in Australia and the world.
  • Students identify South Australia as the location of a large proportion of the world’s known uranium resources.

Science Understanding: Earth and space sciences

Australian Curriculum content statements (explicit)
Science: ACSSU153

Australian Curriculum content statements (implicit or able to be connected)
Science: ACSSU116; ACSHE121; ACSHE120; ACSHE136

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