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Why we Mine

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Environment Mining EnviroSmart
Resource Type Fact Sheet
Publish Date 30th Mar 2011

The Minerals Council of Australia is acknowledged as the provider of this resource.

Nearly everything we own is either grown or mined! We often don’t stop to think where items such as cars, houses, laptops even toothpaste comes from.

This is an activity where students look at everyday objects and examine their origins. They learn about minerals, metals, their properties and uses and start to develop ideas around conservation of materials and recycling.

The lesson includes a student worksheet and an information sheet about the mineral derivation of common objects.

Educational value statement

  • Provides background information, lesson outcomes activity sequence and materials list for teachers
  • Includes a detailed list of common objects with their mineral components

Key learning objectives

  • Students identify the mineral or metal components of common objects.
  • Students explain how the properties on minerals and metal can influence their uses.

Science Understanding: Chemical sciences

Australian Curriculum content statements (explicit)
Science: ACSSU074; ACSHE083; ACSHE100

Why we Mine

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