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2011 Earth Science Week

Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Our ever-changing Earth – 9-15 October 2011

What is Earth Science Week?
It is an international celebration, initiated and hosted by the American Geological Institute to promote the importance and relevance of earth science to society.

Geoscience Australia hosts Australia’s Earth Science Week and aligns activities with the international theme. Australia’s main celebration is the Geologi student short film competition and the Top Geoshot photographic competition.

What are the aims of Earth Science Week?
The objectives are to:

  • provide students with new opportunities to discover the earth sciences
  • highlight the contributions of earth science to our lives
  • pass on the message that earth science is all around us
  • encourage stewardship of the Earth through an understanding of earth science
  • provide opportunities for geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about Earth
  • have fun!

What can you do?

Organise a special activity at your school or celebrate Earth Science Week with:

  • a geoscience activity day
  • scientific demonstrations
  • photographic displays
  • library displays
  • earth science artwork displays
  • science project displays
  • teacher workshops
  • public lectures.

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