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Are you mine ready?

Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Six figure salaries, 5 days on / 5 days off rosters, accommodation on-site included – a job in mining sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But it is not that clear cut.

With a boom that just keeps on booming, there are new mines opening up quicker than ever before across Australia and there’s a massive skills shortage to keep up. It is estimated that more than 60,000 mining jobs need to be filled by 2015 to fill a diminishing pool of labour.

In this video produced by TripleJ, one of the underground training facilities is profiled. It has been set up in Mackay to fast-track the training of ‘cleanskins’ or young people with no mining experience to provide an insight into life as an underground miner and to assist in meeting industry demand for skills.

To view this video, follow this link.

Source: Triple J


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