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Aus Geoscience Tertiary Education Profile

Posted on 28 Oct 2013

The Australian Geoscience Tertiary Education Profile 2012 (AGTEP 2012) reports the results of a survey of geoscience at Australian universities. It complements similar surveys undertaken in 2007 and 2010. It provides a stocktake for the end of 2012 of Tertiary geoscience education in Australia and the general capabilities of Tertiary geoscience institutions.

The status of geoscience and geoscience education has continued the improvement recorded in 2010 with further growth in enrolled students, reversing the decade-long decline prior to 2007. The output of Bachelor (BSc) degrees with a major in geoscience has continued to grow, but Honours enrolments and the output of BSc Honours degrees have declined slightly from 2010. The output of Masters (MSc) degrees by coursework and dissertation, have continued to grow strongly.

The number of teaching academics has increased slightly since 2010, and the number of researchers has also increased.

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