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Awesome win for Oresome app

Posted on 06 Sep 2012

A mobile ‘app’ developed online and involving collaboration across four states has been crowned the education category winner at the Australian ‘Mobi Awards’.

The ‘Oresome World’ app was developed by the Queensland Resources Council in an online collaboration with Queensland University of Technology, the Minerals Council of Australia, Education Services Australia, the Chamber of Minerals and Energy (WA), and NSW Minerals Council.

The app developer ‘Intunity’ is based in Melbourne.

Oresome World provides school curriculum-related content via an interactive, multimedia, iPad game.

‘It’s aimed at secondary school students but is fun for anyone wanting to learn about the minerals and energy sector, the nuts and bolts of the operations and the careers and roles that make it all work,’ said QRC Deputy Chief Executive Greg Lane.

‘Oresome World helps teachers by providing curriculum links and notes so that the app can be used and tailored as an educational activity in the classroom.’

The app showcases content from the industry led websites and

Oresome World was developed following the success of an Oresome Elements app that was a finalist in last year’s awards and now sits in the top 80 of 20,000 educational apps available online.

Source: Queensland Resources Council

To download Oresome World, click here.


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