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Callide Oxyfuel demonstration passes 7,500 hours

Posted on 25 Sep 2014

TheCallide Oxyfuel Project continues to lead the way in the demonstration and development of low emission coal-fired electricity generation, passing 7,500 hours of operation.

The project has also achieved more than 3,700 hours of industrial operation of the carbon dioxide capture plant.

The project has been operating in oxy-firing mode at Callide A Power Station in Central Queensland since December 2012, making it one of the most advanced carbon capture projects in the world.

Oxy-firing involves burning coal in a mixture of oxygen and recirculated exhaust gases, instead of air, and results in a concentrated stream of carbon dioxide suitable for capture and storage.
Project Director Dr Chris Spero said the Callide Oxyfuel Project aimed to prove the suitability of oxyfuel technology for both new build and existing coal-fired power stations.

“The Callide Oxyfuel Project and other oxyfuel projects underway around the world are essential to the development of the technology and its future application at a commercial scale,” Dr Spero said.

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