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Callide OxyFuel Project Update

Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Construction nearing completion
The recent rainfall and flooding in Central Queensland slowed, but did not deter, efforts to ensure the Callide Oxyfuel Project will be fully commissioned and capturing carbon dioxide by the end of 2011.

Retrofitting oxyfuel technology to the Callide A Power Station and construction of new aspects of the project commenced in March 2010 after the completion of earthworks onsite. The retrofitting process has including building key plant on the ground and then lifting them into place on the side of the power station.

The largest and most complex lift was the placement of the Primary Air (Gas) Heater, weighing 65 tonnes, more than 35 metres up to the top of the power station. The Primary Air (Gas) Heater (pictured) is used in the oxyfuel combustion process to pre-heat flue gas that is recirculated to the coal pulverising mills, so that the coal is adequately dried in the milling process to achieve stable combustion in the boiler.

Another key lift undertaken on site late last year was the Flue Gas Low Pressure Heater.

The first stage of commissioning is expected to commence shortly with the firing of an oil torch in the boiler.

The next steps
Commissioning of a complex project like the Callide Oxyfuel Project will take considerable time and effort. Project Director, Dr Chris Spero, said the commissioning phase has been broken into four key elements for Stage 1 of the Project.

"First, we will be re-commissioning the boiler under normal air firing conditions," Dr Spero said.

"This will be followed by commissioning of the oxygen plant and then the boiler under oxy-firing conditions.

"In parallel, construction of the carbon dioxide capture plant will continue though to about September and then this plant will be commissioned."

The fully integrated operation of the oxyfuel process (oxy-combustion and carbon dioxide capture) is expected to be completed by late 2011.

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