How Interactives Help Engage Students

12th Sep 2022

It’s pretty common knowledge that humans learn best by getting hands on, rather than through abstract ideas and theories alone. With growing technology, the classroom is seeing a revolution in how students can learn and interactive elements are becoming the norm.


With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the classroom is more sophisticated than ever before. Gamification has been heralded as a great way to engage and teach for many years but today’s technology makes it easier than ever before. Gamification doesn’t mean it must be a “game” but rather making learning more fun through game-like mechanics, such as challenges, goals and rewards, storytelling, and visuals. Interactives are one way to “gamify” learning.

Learning by doing

Interactives are just that: interactive. This means, rather than just reading and writing, students learn by engaging with the subject matter. Whether this be looking at a fictional city and seeing how different jobs help it run smoothly, or a virtual home, where students can see how hundreds of things are powered by different kinds of energy, interactive learning allows students to get hands-on knowledge, which in turn can help with making the subject matter more interesting and easier to understand.

Engaging through fun

We all love to have fun and making learning fun creates more engaged students. Along the same lines as gamifying learning, interactive materials can make topics that may not be as engaging usually, more interesting for students to consume.

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