Minerals Downunder Interactive


The Minerals Council of Australia is acknowledged as the provider of this resource. This is an interactive resource through which students can expand their knowledge of Australia’s rich mineral deposits. Organised into seven sections, it provides an overview of mineral sources with information on mineral formation, mineral exploration, different types of mining, the extraction of minerals from ore and the processes involved in transforming minerals into everyday products. This interactive resource for Middle School students uses the minerals industry as a context for enhancing students’ literacy skills. It contains links to additional websites and provides a Teacher Guide with student activities. Educational Value Statement
  • Provides information on Australia’s minerals and the mining processes.
  • Provides opportunities to enhance students’ literacy skills.
  • Identifies rock categories and explains how they are formed.
  • Shows the types and locations of minerals mined in Australia.
  • Explains the stages and processes involved in mineral exploration.
  • Explains different types of mining.
  • Emphasises the mechanical and chemical processes involved in transforming minerals into metals.
  • Outlines environmental management practices in the minerals industry.
Key Learning Objectives
  • Students understand how minerals are formed.
  • Students understand the variety of minerals found in Australia.
  • Students acquire knowledge about mining and processing methods.
  • Students increase their understanding of the impact of mining on the environment.
  • Students learn about the current environmental management practices of the minerals industry.
  • Students appreciate the importance of the mining industry.
Learning Area Science/Science Understanding/Science as a Human Endeavour English/Language/Literacy