Seriously Downunder


Glencore MIM and Channel 10 are acknowledged for their contribution to this production.

In this video aspects of mineral exploration and underground mining at Xstrata Copper’s Mt Isa mine are featured. Uses of copper metal in today’s electronic, interconnected world are described. A geologist outlines the latest technology and techniques used to find deposits of copper ore, and miners are shown working in the mine. The safety equipment worn by underground miners is described. Sequences show mining in process and the underground workshop where heavy equipment is maintained.

Educational value statement

  • Shows how an important mineral resource is discovered, extracted and used.
  • Illustrates the work of exploration geologists.
  • Shows conditions and activities in underground mines.

Key learning objectives

  • Students describe some of the processes involved in the discovery and mining of copper ore.
  • Students explain how some of the problems associated with underground mining are resolved.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences; Earth and space sciences.
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Nature and development of science; Use and influence of science.

Australian Curriculum content statements (explicit)
Science: ACSSU032; ACSHE050; ACSHE121

Australian Curriculum content statements (implicit or able to be connected)
Science: ACSSU074; ACSSU095; ACSSU153; ACSHE081