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CRL Rehabilitation on North Stradbroke Island PowerPoint

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10 Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Science SOSE General Science Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Environment Rehabilitation
Resource Type Presentation

Find out how miners plan for and carry out revegetation of sand mining sites. This is a PowerPoint presentation that shows the pre-mine surveys, planning, plant propagation, dune re-profiling and maintenance work carried out by Consolidated Rutile Limited (CRL) in rehabilitating land on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, after it has been mined for mineral sands.

Most slides include images.

Queensland Resources Council acknowledges Consolidated Rutile Limited for the supply of images and information for this presentation.

Educational value statement

  • Shows the processes used in mine rehabilitation and includes examples.
  • Illustrates the work of scientists in surveying and monitoring ecosystems
  • Can be downloaded as a PPT file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students describe the processes involved in rehabilitating land after mining.
  • Students recognise that the growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment.
  • Students identify examples of scientists describing patterns and relationships in their work.
  • Students describe changes in the Earth’s surface as a result of human activity.
  • Students demonstrate how scientific understandings influence the development of mining practices.


  • Science Understanding: Biological sciences; Earth and space sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Nature and development of science; Use and influence of science
  • (Geographical knowledge and understanding: Environment).

Australian Curriculum content statements
Science & HASS: ACSSU073; ACSSU075; ACSSU094; ACSHE121; ACDSEH082; ACHGE083

CRL Rehabilitation on North Stradbroke Island PowerPoint

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