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Energy Efficiency in Homes fact sheet

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10 Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Geography Science SOSE General Science Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Energy Environment Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency
Resource Type Fact Sheet

Find out how to save energy at home and reduce your carbon footprint. This is an information sheet describing strategies that can be used in the home to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. It includes some images.

Educational value statement

  • Strategies dealt with are related to heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, electronic appliances, washers and dryers.
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF or MSWord file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students describe some techniques for reducing energy use within the home.
  • Students use their scientific knowledge to explain the effects of their actions to reduce energy use.


  • Science Understanding: Physical sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Use an influence of science.

Australian Curriculum content statements
Science: ACSHE051 (3); ACSSU190 (10); ACSSU097 (6); ACSHE135 (8); ACSHE136 (8)

Energy Efficiency in homes fact sheet - word version

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