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Floating Froth experiment

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Chemistry Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Mining Rocks & Minerals Minerals Processing Smelting & Refining
Resource Type Experiment

Find out how to use froth to separate minerals from unwanted rock. This is an activity sheet giving instructions for a simple experiment which demonstrates how froth flotation works. It includes a blank data table.

Educational value statement

  • Illustrates a process that is important in minerals processing.
  • Asks students to make observations, record them systematically and draw conclusions.
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students use equipment and materials safely, identifying potential risks
  • Students explain how froth flotation works and compare it with other techniques of physical separation
  • Students suggest improvements to the method used to investigate a question.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences
  • Science Inquiry Skills: Planning and conducting; Evaluating.

Australian Curriculum content statements

Science: ACSSU113 (7); ACSSU153 (8)

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