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Fruit Cake Mining worksheet

Year Level(s) Years 3-6 Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Geography Science SOSE Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Environment Mining Rehabilitation
Resource Type Experiment

Experiment with mining using a piece of fruitcake. This is an activity sheet providing instructions for a simulated mining experiment. Students use various tools to remove different fruits, representing different minerals, from a piece of fruit cake, which represents the mine site. They are then required to rehabilitate the ‘mine site’. The sheet includes questions to test student understanding and a teacher guide.

Educational value statement

  • Simulates the issues related to extracting minerals with different values
  • Deals with the environmental impact of mining
  • Includes a section for teachers with details of requirements, a lesson plan and extension activities
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students explain the relationship between rocks and minerals
  • Students describe the issues involved in mining and rehabilitating combined ore bodies
  • Students demonstrate how mining can produce changes in the Earth’s surface.


  • Science Understanding: Earth and space sciences
  • (Geographical knowledge and understanding: Environment)

Australian Curriculum content statements
Science: ACSSU075 (4); ACSSU153 (8); ACSHE062 (4)

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