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‘Giants that walk the earth’ Unit of Work

Year Level(s) Years 7-10 Years 11-12
Subject Area(s) Engineering Technology Science General Science Physics Earth & Environmental Science
Topic(s) Coal & Low Emission Technology Mining Technology
Resource Type Units of Work

Designed for physics and engineering technology teachers, the unit ‘Giants that walk the Earth’ is based around the physics of draglines. The physics that govern the operation of these massive machines provides an ideal context in which to investigate a life application specifically of the principles of electromagnetism.

Images, diagrams, specifications and technical drawings are provided in a series of PowerPoints to explain how electric motors in draglines work, how the walking feet operate and how the processes of supplying power and moving various components such as the bucket and beam are achieved.

To view unit outline, lesson sequences and related activities and assessment, see below.

To view corresponding PowerPoints see ‘Related Resources’ to the right or click here.

Queensland Resources Council wishes to acknowledge Ensham Resources for the assistance it provided in the development of this unit of work and associated educational resources.

Giants that walk the earth - Assessment (Word)

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