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Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Fact Sheet

Year Level(s) Years 8-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science
Topic(s) Anode and Cathode Half Reactions Hydrogen Fuel Cells Hydrogen Gas Use Spontaneous Chemical Reactions Exothermic Reactions Galvanic Cell Energy Transformations
Resource Type Fact Sheet

This sheet provides a concise explanation of what hydrogen fuel cell are and how they can be used as an energy source. It also outlines the chemical reaction, half reactions and energy transformations that occur in a hydrogen fuel cell as hydrogen gas combines with oxygen to form water and release energy.

Educational Value Statement

  • Describes and illustrates hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Describes the applications and uses of hydrogen fuel cells as energy sources. 
  • Explains the half reactions that occur at the anodes and cathodes within the hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF File.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students explain how a hydrogen fuel cell works.
  • Students can understand that there are different types of fuel cells and they have different applications.
  • Students identify the half reactions that occur at the anodes and cathodes within a hydrogen fuel cell. 
  • Students can understand how hydrogen fuel cells can be used as an energy source.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences


Australian Curriculum Content Statements

Science: ACSSU155(8); ACSSU225 (8); ACSSU178 (9); ACSSU179 (9); ACSSU187 (10); ACSSU190 (10)

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Factsheet

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