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Marion 8200 Dragline movie

Resource Type Media

This is a video showing Marion 8200 Dragline in operation. Various quantitative details about the dragline, such as operating voltage, mass, boom length and bucket capacity are presented. The dragline is shown shifting overburden at the Curragh mine, near Blackwater in Queensland. The video explains that the piles of overburden are rehabilitated to reduce environmental impacts of mining. To be used in conjunction with the maths worksheets listed in ‘Related Resources’. Suitable for years 9-12.

Educational value statement

  • Gives an understanding of the sizes and masses involved by comparing with known quantities.

Key learning objectives

  • Students compare the dimensions of the shovel to everyday objects.
  • Students describe how mining overburden can be rehabilitated.


  • Science Understanding: Earth and space sciences
  • Measurement and Geometry: Using units of measurement

Australian Curriculum content statements (explicit)

Science: ACSSU019; ACSSU075; ACSHE022; ACSHE035

Mathematics: ACMMG019; ACMMG061; ACMMG290

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