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Physics in Flight – Analysing the Data

Year Level(s) Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Physics
Topic(s) Forces
Resource Type Worksheet

This worksheet has been designed to accompany the Physics in Flight experiment planner. For this worksheet, the class data from the physics in flight experiment should be collated and distributed for the completion of the activity.

Educational Value Statement

  • Provides guidance around analysing the class data from the experiment
  • Perform calculations for mean, median, mode and range

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students calculate/determine the mean, median, mode and range
  • Students can determine an appropriate way of representing the data
  • Students can construct appropriate forms of data representation
  • Students can draw conclusions and justify decisions


Statistics and Probability: Data representation and interpretation

Australian Curriculum Content Statements

Maths:  (ACMSP170) (ACMSP171)


Physics In Flight Analysing Data

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