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Physics in the Resources Sector

Year Level(s) Years 7-10
Subject Area(s) Science General Science Physics
Topic(s) Forces
Resource Type Worksheet

This worksheet is focused on data collection and problem solving in the resources sector. Noting that physics applications play a large role in technology advancements and improvements.

Educational Value Statement

  • Explores the use of drones and other aerial devices in the sector
  • Looks at the types of data collected in the resources sector

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students can identify some ways aerial devices are used in the sector
  • Students can explain some ways in which data can be used in the resources sector
  • Students can explain why problem solving is an important skill


Science Understanding: Physical Sciences

Australian Curriculum Content Statements

Science:  (ACSSU117)  (ACSHE121)

Physics In Flight Resources Sector

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