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Year Level(s) Year 7
Subject Area(s) Geography Science General Science Earth and Space Sciences
Topic(s) Water treatment and sustainability
Resource Type Lesson Plan

Water4All provides a suggested sequence of lessons and activities that can be used in the delivery of science and curriculum content around the use and treatment of water with a resources context. 

Educational Value Statement

  • Explores the importance of water as a resource
  • Outlines how water can be treated for reuse
  • Describes the different methods of water treatment
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF File

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students can understand that water is precious resource
  • Students can understand the impacts of mining and how water can be reused on a mine site
  • Students can examine the different water treatment methods.


Science Understanding : Earth and Space Sciences

Science as a Human Endeavour

Science Inquiry Skills

Geographical Knowledge and Understanding

Australian Curriculum Content Statements

Science:  (ACSSU113), (ACSSU116), (ACSHE120), (ACSHE121), (ACSIS125), (ACSIS126), (ACSIS131), (ACHGK037), (ACHGK040)

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