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The Rock Cycle fact sheet

This fact sheet provides a concise explanation of the rock cycle accompanied by a diagram that illustrates the different processes that take place in the rock cycle.

Significant Queensland mineral mines fact sheet

This fact sheet contains the details of significant mineral mines operating within Queensland including the mineral mined at each location and the where the mines are situated.

Sedimentary rocks fact sheet

This fact sheet outlines the processes involved in the formation of sedimentary rocks which are accompanied by diagrams illustrating each step.

Rocks and minerals fact sheet

This worksheet explains that rocks are made up of minerals and explains the different physical properties that can be used to identify different minerals.

Rock Star assignment

This worksheet asks students to use their knowledge of the formation of different rocks and the rock cycle to construct a story about how a rock is formed, describing the changes that happen to a rock as it changes from one type of rock to another.

Rock identification key

This guide provides two different tools that can be used in the identification of rocks using their physical features.