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Mining and the Environment Fact sheet

Mining provides us with minerals, metals and other materials we use every day and the fuel used to generate electricity.

Olympic Minerals - Cycling

Have you ever ridden a bike? Maybe you own one.

Olympic Torch

Have you ever seen the Opening Ceremony for an Olympic Games on television? If so, you will probably realise it’s one of the most exciting, memorable and entertaining aspects of the Games, with fireworks, laser shows and amazing dances and other whiz-bang performances.

Identifying Minerals

Minerals can be identified based on their physical properties.

Government Geologists Making Maps Poster

Image courtesy of the Geological Survey of Western Australia, Department of Mines and Petroleum © State of Western Australia 2011.

Titanium Fast Facts

Titanium is used in aircrafts, and defense and aerospace industries because of its favorable strength, weight and temperature resistance.