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Water Electrolysis - Worksheet

This sheet is designed to complement Water Electrolysis & Hydrogen Electrolysers fact sheet.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Fact Sheet

This sheet provides a concise explanation of what hydrogen fuel cell are and how they can be used as an energy source.

Hydrogen - Teacher Information

This sheet provides detailed teacher background information about hydrogen production processes, storage and transportation methods and potential utilisation of hydrogen as well as useful links.

Hydrogen Fuel Properties Comparison - Worksheet

This worksheet provides data of some energy and flammability properties of hydrogen, methane and petrol and questions for students to analyse, compare and make judgements of hydrogen as a future fuel and safety considerations for handling hydrogen.

Water Electrolysis Experiment

This experiment allows for a study of the electrolysis of water without the use of the traditional Hoffman apparatus.

Water Electrolysis & Hydrogen Electrolysers - Fact Sheet

This sheet provides a concise explanation of electrolysis and in more detail the electrolysis of water.