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Find out how copper ore is extracted and turned into copper metal. This is a PowerPoint presentation showing the properties, uses and extraction of copper. It includes details of the mining and processing of copper ore as well as smelting, converting and refining to produce copper metal. Most slides contain photographs or labelled diagrams. Teacher’s notes are included.

Queensland Resources Council acknowledges the assistance provided by Xstrata Copper in the provision of material for this presentation.

Educational value statement

  • Teacher’s notes contain background information and some suggestions for discussion topics
  • Contains explanations of froth flotation, smelting, converting and electrolytic refining, including chemical equations.
  • Can be downloaded as a PPT file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students describe the process of froth flotation and explain how it can separate the components of mixtures
  • Students identify the chemical changes occurring during the production of copper
  • Students recognise that minerals such as copper ore provide valuable resources
  • Students explain how science understanding has influenced the development of mineral industries.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences; Earth and space sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Use and influence of science.