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This short animation provides useful information about hydrogen and its place in the energy mix. It includes information on hydrogen classifications and their related processing methods alongside storage and transport. Students can analyse, compare and make judgements about the use, storage and transportation options for hydrogen.

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Educational Value Statement

  • Lists the different classifications of hydrogen and related processes. Includes hydrogen storage and transportation options.
  • Makes connections between chemical and physical properties of hydrogen and the storage and transportation. methods.
  • Outlines the processes involved for each storage option.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students understand that the knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of substances are important in their applications and utilisations.
  • Students analyse and compare the methods for processing, storage and transportation of hydrogen.
  • Students make judgements about the processing, storage and transportation options for hydrogen.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences
  • Science Understanding: Physical sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Nature and development of science
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Use and influence of science


What is the benefit of Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen enables the energy from renewable sources to be stored as hydrogen gas which can then be used later.  Renewables such as wind or solar energy are dependent on environmental factors, by using these renewable energy sources to produce Hydrogen gas when they are available, the green Hydrogen can be stored in tanks and then is available regardless of the weather.