Make Your Career in Mining – Careers Guide




Type of Resource


Year Level

Years 11-12



Work Studies


Energy & Renewables


The Minerals Council of Australia is acknowledged as the provider of this resource.

This guide provides real-world examples of careers in the resources sector – highlighting opportunities, identifying skill sets and explaining pathways to desired outcomes. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the varied and diverse jobs available and key responsibilities. It is relatable and informative, covering future directions of the industry, in addition to personal stories and insights into daily operations. 

Educational Value Statement

  • Outlines careers in the mining and resources sector
  • Identifies successful pathways of current industry employees
  • Explains future direction and objectives of the industry
  • Debunks myths and common misconceptions about the mining industry
  • Relatable stories and advice from experts in the industry
  • Demonstrates with clear links how the mining industry heavily supports our modern life
  • Real world examples about skills, passion and tolls needed for jobs in the mining and resources sector


Key Learning Objectives

  • Students learn about the varied and diverse careers in the mining and resources sector
  • Students identify pathways to obtain career success
  • Students learn where and how to further progress their studies
  • Students understand daily operations of a mining site
  • Students can explain positive attributes of working in the mining industry



Science : Science as a human endeavour

Work Studies : Skills for learning and work

Work Studies : Career and life design