Oresome Careers


Energy & Renewables


In this interactive resource, students can explore the breadth of careers within different areas of the resources sector. Both trade and professional pathways are available within different areas of the resources sector, including mining, logistics, renewables, oil and gas and more broadly within support services found in business hubs.

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Each identified career contains a profile of the role, a short video from someone working in the Queensland resources sector, and a link to find out more information about these roles.


Educational value statement

  • Outlines careers within the resources sector
  • Provides students an opportunity to see and hear from employees within these in demand STEM and trade roles
  • Outlines the breadth of opportunities and location for different careers across the resources sector.


Key learning objectives

  • Students understand the breadth of opportunity within the resources sector.
  • Students learn more about different careers through the interactive and associated links to Job Outlook.
  • Students understand the personal and professional requirements for a range of STEM and trade careers.


Oresome Resources would like to acknowledge the Queensland Government for their contribution to this resource.