Water Electrolysis – Worksheet

Year Level

Years 7-10




Energy & Renewables

Australian Curriculum Content Statements


This sheet is designed to complement Water Electrolysis & Hydrogen Electrolysers fact sheet.  It provides questions for students to answer about the electrolysis of water, including the ratio of gases produced and three main types of electrolyser cells used to produce hydrogen from the electrolysis of water. 

Educational Value Statement

  • Questions students about the electrolysis of water and the three main types of electrolyser cells used to produce hydrogen
  • Prompts comparative analysis of hydrogen electrolyser.
  • Links electrolysis of water with hydrogen fuel cell cars.
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF File.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students describe electrolysis and how hydrogen is produced from water.
  • Students identify the overall chemical reaction of water electrolysis. 
  • Students analyse and compare the main three electrolyser cells for water electrolysis.
  • Students determine the ratio of the hydrogen gas and oxygen gas produced by electrolysis.
  • Students calculate the amount of pure water required to produce one kilogram of hydrogen.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences
  • Science Understanding: Physical sciences