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Minerals and Energy Education

OresomeResources is a collaborative educational initiative supported by the minerals and energy industry in Australia.

This collaboration is represented by the Queensland Resources Council, Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), MCA Victoria Division, MCA Northern Territory Division, NSW Minerals Council, South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy and the Tasmanian Minerals Council.

These non-government organisations represent companies that have an interest in exploration, mining, minerals processing, gas and energy production.

To support teachers and students in the teaching and learning of the minerals and energy industry the collaboration has developed or sourced hundreds of educational resources.

These resources can be accessed on-line by all interested web users at no cost for educational purposes only.

The resources are aligned to the Australian curriculum and can be utilised to support its implementation.

They have been developed by teachers for teachers to provide syllabus support to the key learning areas of Science, Maths, Technology and the Social Sciences.

Contributing Organisations

These resources are developed with assistance and support from many companies and organisations that include:

CSIRO including Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies and CSIROSEC (CSIRO Education Brisbane and Townsville)
Queensland University of Technology
University of Queensland
Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (Resources and Energy)
Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia
Geoscience Australia
Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd
Arrow Energy Limited
BHP Billiton Cannington
BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance
Carbon Energy Ltd
Citigold Corporation Limited
Consolidated Rutile Limited
Cougar Energy Limited
Ensham Resources Pty Limited
Golding Contractors
Jellinbah Resources Pty Ltd
Linc Energy Ltd
Macarthur Coal Limited
Origin Energy
QER Pty Ltd
Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd
Rio Tinto Coal Australia
Santos/TOGA Pty Ltd
Stanwell Corporation Limited
Tarong Energy Corporation Ltd
Xstrata Copper


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