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Applied reading student sheet

This applied reading resource is designed to build on student knowledge and understanding, while assessing their ability to read and understand the type of written material encountered in a technical or trade training course or on the job in technical or trade positions.

Building Stable Elements

This worksheet provides an opportunity for students to use interactive tools or other forms of research to form an understanding of the structure of elements, their common uses and the relationship between their atomic structure and their placement on the periodic table.

Putting them all together - creating compounds

This worksheet introduces the concept of ions and the naming structure of cations and anions.

Sedimentary rocks fact sheet

This fact sheet outlines the processes involved in the formation of sedimentary rocks which are accompanied by diagrams illustrating each step.

Rock Star assignment

This worksheet asks students to use their knowledge of the formation of different rocks and the rock cycle to construct a story about how a rock is formed, describing the changes that happen to a rock as it changes from one type of rock to another.

Minerals word search

This word search requires students to locate the names of rocks and minerals found in Australia within the word search.