Different Engineering Jobs Your Students Could Do in the Future


Different Engineering Jobs Your Students Could Do in the Future

16th Jun 2022

Engineering is a hugely popular career path, not only for the diverse specialisations and industries but also for the many opportunities for career growth across the country and around the world. Engineering is all around us, and there are lots of options for budding engineers. Check out some of the most common engineering jobs below:

Civil Engineer

A career in civil engineering covers many areas and industries, from renewable energy to mining and everything in between. Civil engineers plan, design, construct, operate and maintain roads, bridges, dams, water supply schemes, sewerage systems, transportation, harbours, canals, dockyards, airports, railways, factories and large buildings – it’s a long list! For those who enjoy maths and problem solving on a large scale, this could be the ideal pathway

Mechanical Engineer

It’s kind of in the name, but mechanical engineers deal with all things mechanical! They plan, design and oversee the development, installation, operation and maintenance of machinery. For those with an interest in gears, motors, and moving parts, or upgrading items through modifications, mechanical engineering could be a great option.

Mining Engineer

Mining is one of the biggest industries in Australia, with lots of opportunity wherever you live in Australia or around the world! Planning and directing the extraction of mineral resources from the earth, the role entails finding the best way to extract resources from the earth that are used in nearly everything we use from the smallest mobile device to the largest structure. For those who love maths, problem solving, and working in teams this could be a great opportunity.

Geotechnical Engineer

Often working in the same field as mining engineering but more specialised, geotechnical engineering involves ensuring geotechnical activities are conducted safely to create a safe working environment for employees and contractors, ensuring company standards are maintained and government legislation is strictly adhered to. The role uses a wide range of skills, in both the engineering and earth sciences, fields. A knack for problem solving and mathematics is a good start for this pathway.,

Chemical Engineer

After sourcing minerals and raw materials, the next step is turning them into something usable, and this is where a chemical engineer comes in. They design and coordinate the construction and operation of manufacturing facilities and processes to create everyday products like petrol, plastics, and even toothpaste! For those who like chemistry enjoy practical and creative tasks, and problem solving this is an ideal career pathway. .

Getting lots of questions about a career in engineering? The options are endless! Have a look at our Careers interactive to see the industries connected to different engineering roles, as well as real people working in the roles across Australia.