Coal Fired Power Station Interactive


Find out how a coal-fired power station makes electricity. This is an animated video in eleven parts which shows the components and processes in a coal-fired power station. The accompanying narration explains what happens in each stage. Most of the statistical information and examples relate to Queensland. QRC acknowledges the assistance provided by CS Energy and CSIRO Exploration and Mining in the production of this resource. Educational value statement
  • Shows all stages of the power generation process, including fuel combustion, steam production, turbines and generators, transformers, the power grid, steam condensation, filtering of exhaust gases and mentions the potential for carbon capture and storage.
  • Animations demonstrate how each process operates.
Key learning objectives
  • Students describe and explain the sequence of processes in coal-fired power stations
  • Students describe the reversible and irreversible changes occurring in power stations
  • Students describe and explain the energy transformations occurring in power stations.
Strands Science Understanding: Chemical sciences; Physical sciences.