Powering the Future forum – Ben Talebi


Geothermal energy utilises energy stored in hot rocks to create steam to drive turbines and generate electrical energy. Exploration for suitable hot rocks in Queensland coastal regions forms the basis for the Coastal Geothermal Initiative.

Ben Talebi, Queensland Government Mines and Energy: Program Leader Coastal Geothermal Initiative, discusses geothermal exploration results to date, technology being used and potential for supplying Queensland’s energy needs.

Click here to view Ben’s presentation, and accompanying PowerPoint slides.

Click here to view a webinar on geothermal energy, presented by Klaus Regenauer-Lieb (Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence, University of Western Australia – Curtin and CSIRO National Energy Transformed Flagship) on 18 March 2010.

For more information: http://www.dme.qld.gov.au/mines/coastal.cfm