The Sky’s the Limit With Minerals and Energy Careers of the Future

31st Oct 2022

Minerals and energy fuel our world – literally! From engineering to geology, careers in this industry are shaping the future of our lives. That’s why the minerals and energy sector needs enthusiastic young men and women with a passion for problem-solving and innovative technology to fill the workforce.

A career in this field could be an exciting prospect for the right person and will provide a chance to explore the world and shape the future of the planet in how resources are extracted, processed, and used.

Some of the career paths include:


Interesting title, interesting role! Metallurgists are mineral experts, researching and developing the processes used to extract minerals from ore and refine them into something useful for commercial purposes. They study and apply various methods for separating and extracting minerals, improve the processes to do this work, prepare technical reports, and develop and control ways to store and treat waste materials.

Environmental Engineer

This role has lots of variety and opportunities, involved in many tasks in the resources field. Some of their responsibilities include developing ways to minimise harm to the environment, undertaking lab work to analyse pollutants, monitoring and evaluating how engineering projects impact the world, and rehabilitating land, water, and air that has been affected by such projects.

Automation Engineer

Technology is a huge part of engineering projects today and having someone who can help with implementation and safety is crucial. Automation engineers are responsible for this, along with developing mining automation, telecommunications, and operations management systems on site, with oversight of these systems’ integrity. They may even get to don a VR headset once in a while!

Auto Electrician

Automotive electricians also play an important role in minerals and energy as vehicles become increasingly electrified.. They install new electrical systems and parts, and repair and maintain electrical wiring and components in mobile mining equipment and other vehicles. This can cover a wide range of fields and worksites.


For the rock lovers! Geologists are all about studying minerals and materials to find out more about the nature, composition, and structure that makes them up. In turn, they get to advise on how to extract them while making sure to responsibly care for the earth at the same time..

Mining Engineer

In the thick of it are mining engineers, planning and directing the engineering of mineral extraction. They investigate mineral deposits, work closely with geologists, determine the best way to mine minerals, and work towards improving efficiency and safety in mines, to name just a few of their responsibilities.

Other job options in the minerals and energy field include mechanical engineers, heavy diesel fitters, facility engineers and operations technicians. Check out our Oresome Careers interactive to see more real-world examples of roles in the minerals and energy industry.