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Discover what oil shale is and where oil shale resources can be found in Australia. Learn about oil shale’s potential as an alternative fuel for Australia, given our decreasing supply of crude oil resources. Discover how oil shale was formed and learn about the process of mining oil shale.

Educational Value Statement

Explains the size and location of Australia’s oil shale resources describes the formation of oil shale
explains how oil shale is mined and what oil shale products can be used for explains the potential of Australia’s oil shale as a form of fuel.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students describe Australia’s increasing need for fuel.
  • Students understand what oil shale is and how it was formed over time.
  • Students learn about the location and quantity of Australia’s oil shale resources.
  • Students describe how oil shale is mined and how it might contribute to Australia’s fuel mix.
  • Students learn about an oil shale demonstration plant in Queensland.