BHP introduces new remote-in, remote-out system to adjust to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19


BHP introduces new remote-in, remote-out system to adjust to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19

04th Aug 2020

BHP has announced that they will start executing new travel arrangements called remote-in, remote-out. Due to recent restrictions to do with COVID-19 many companies have had to pivot and adjust the way they approach their daily work. BHP states that this new technology will help them to overcome limitations associated with phone calls and video conferences, while avoiding the high cost and time investment involved in flying people to site when unexpected breakdowns and equipment downtime occur.

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Physicists have unraveled the two processes powering the sun

16th Jul 2020

Physicists have discovered a new class of neutrinos that power the sun, meaning they have discovered the full spectrum of the two processes that power the sun. The sun is powered by two sets of nuclear fusion reactions that exist within the sun’s core. Both of these nuclear fusion reactions predominate the sun’s core and produce the lightweight subatomic particles in abundance. 

Within the sun’s core exists an ongoing process when hydrogen fuses into helium in two ways. The first way is called the ‘proton-proton-proton’ chain. This chain expels about 99% of the sun’s energy. The other group however are the fusion reactions mentioned above. This is known as the CNO cycle which is named after Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen. Previously the neutrons from the CNO cycle were undiscovered, until now. 

Now, for the first time, neutrinos from the second set of reactions (CNO Cycle) have been spotted. This was discovered through the Borexino experiment. You can read more about the experiment here


Lithium: The Rock Star Resource

06th Jan 2020

From mobile phones and wireless headphones, to electric cars and house battery systems, Lithium has been in the headlines for a number of years as the future of energy storage through batteries. But what exactly is lithium? How does it make a battery work? And what does the future look like for those who supply this rock star resource? Watch more from here


First stage of unique solar-wind-battery hybrid project opens at Agnew gold mine

03rd Dec 2019

A 23MW hybrid generation project developed by EDL at the Agnew gold mine has commenced operations, integrating solar into a gas and diesel micro-grid that will eventually add wind and solar in the first of its type project for a mine. Read more here


CSIRO 3D laser scanner invention set to revolutionise mining

10th Nov 2019

CSIRO engineers have developed a world first “flameproof” 3D laser scanning device that can “see things our eyes cannot”. ExScan is set to revolutionise the industry, allowing miners to leave the coal face and manage longwall operations remotely from a control centre above ground.

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Chart of the day: Global oil production (1965 to 2017)

10th Oct 2019

A great dynamic chart showing monthly global oil production (thousands of barrels per day) by country from January 1965 to December 2017.

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Drawing the line between rock types

05th Sep 2019

CSIRO developed Data Mosaic – a software tool automates the interpretation of different rock types in drillcore to enable rapid and reliable geological logging. The result is faster logging and more accurate 3D geological models. Read the full article here.


Virtual core: a library of Australia’s mineralogy

29th Aug 2019

It’s estimated that there are more than 10 million metres of drillcore samples in vast warehouses around Australia, crammed with invaluable information for government, industry and researchers. A virtual library can facilitate access to all this knowledge. How do you fit the 10 million metres of information into open-access online resource? Read the full article here.


Update: Breaking the mould: gold-digging fungi found in WA

01st Jul 2019

Update to our recent post about Fungi found in WA containing Gold: Last week in Bendigo a family stumbled across a rare gold nugget worth $35,000. Where did the nugget come from? A gold-coated fungi near Boddington in Western Australia. Read the full article here.


Water Quality Control in SEQ Thanks to SAMMI the Robot

13th Jun 2019

New technology SAMMI the Robot is being used to monitor and test the quality of water in SEQ. Powered by the sun, SAMMI spends its days conducting quality monitoring throughout difficult to access locations. This cutting edge technology has made testing the water in SEQ safer, quicker, and more easily accessible for difficult-to-reach locations. Read the full article here.

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