Putting them all together – creating compounds


Atomic Science

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Year Level

Years 7-10




Energy & Renewables

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This worksheet introduces the concept of ions and the naming structure of cations and anions. It also provides reference tables for the charge on common monoatomic and polyatomic ions. The worksheet also introduces the concept of single displacement reactions and provides an opportunity for students to predict the products for a number of simple reactions.

Numerous ores are explored and students are asked to use their knowledge to identify the metals from common ores and name the compounds using correct convention.

Educational Value Statement

  • Defines ions
  • Explains how ions are formed
  • Explains the difference between cations and anions
  • Outlines common monoatomic and polyatomic ions and their charges
  • Outlines single displacement reactions
  • Provides the opportunity to practice predicting products and analysing chemical formulae to identify metals and names

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students learn about ions and their formation
  • Students make reference to ion charge tables
  • Students understand the general formula for single displacement reactions
  • Students predict the products of chemical reactions
  • Students identify metals and names from chemical formulae


Science Understanding : Chemical Science