Chemistry of Uranium




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Fact Sheet

Year Level

Years 11-12

Years 7-10




Energy & Renewables

Australian Curriculum Content Statements


This fact sheet provides some of the chemistry of uranium. Discover the methods by which uranium is extracted and the chemical processes of these methods. How is chemistry used to enrich uranium and what are the different types of chemical reactions involved? Discover the symbol equations associated with uranium extraction and enrichment. Learn how chemistry is used to reprocess spent fuel from nuclear reactors.

Educational Value Statement

  • Explains where uranium occurs
  • Explains the chemistry behind the different uranium extraction methods.
  • Explains the products of the chemical reactions associated with uranium extraction.
  • Explains how chemistry is used to treat the used fuel.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students describe where uranium occurs.
  • Students learn about the different methods of uranium extraction and the chemistry associated with each.
  • Students describe the chemistry used to convert enriched uranium to fuel for the reactor.
  • Students describe how chemistry is used to recover uranium from the used fuel.


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