Elemental Hydrogen – Fact Sheet

Year Level

Years 7-10




Energy & Renewables


This sheet provides a concise explanation of what hydrogen is, its chemical properties, including the three isotopes and its natural abundance and sources. The uses of hydrogen are also briefly discussed, and the methods of hydrogen gas production are listed.

Educational Value Statement

  • Describes properties of elemental hydrogen and its position in the periodic table.
  • Illustrates the atomic structure of hydrogen isotopes and links number of protons and neutrons to hydrogen isotope properties.
  • Explains the properties and abundance of hydrogen as a diatomic gas and part of numerous compounds.
  • Describes the various uses of hydrogen gas, including biological and commercial uses.
  • List the processes that can be used to produce hydrogen.
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF File.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students describe properties of hydrogen.
  • Students identify the hydrogen isotopes by their names and the number of protons and neutrons. 
  • Students can understand that there are many different uses for hydrogen and that it has potential as a clean energy source.
  • Students can understand that there are many different processes that hydrogen gas can be produced.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Use and influence of science.