Your Hub for Minerals & Energy in 2023

31st Jan 2023

Just started back at school? You’ve come to the right place for free educational resources to boost your learning. If you are exploring minerals and energy, then there is a wealth of information right here!

Why choose Oresome Resources?

We all know it’s a lot easier to learn something when it’s fun and engaging. Our interactive resources offer just this – making learning tactile. Our media library pairs images and videos with ideas and topics to visually complement your learning. Our worksheets, fact sheets, presentations, and experiments are ready to go for any lesson in minerals and energy. We also cover a huge range of topics across all year levels, so there truly is something for everyone. Best of all, our educational resources are free! There are thousands of resources available to you, but our most popular are:

Oresome City

Open up a city and see how our everyday lives are powered by resources! Source raw materials, explore Australia’s resource sector and see where resources come from in this exciting interactive. Remember – if it’s not grown, it’s mined!

Minerals Down Under

Another interactive that allows students to expand their knowledge of Australia’s rich mineral deposits. Made up of seven sections, this resource covers mineral formation, mineral exploration, different types of mining, the extraction of minerals from ore, and the processes involved in transforming minerals into everyday products. 

Hydrogen Facts

A fact sheet providing information on hydrogen production from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, this resource is a great way to understand how hydrogen is made, and its role in a sustainable future. 

Mining Makes Your Smart Home

From an overarching city to your own home, this interactive provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the natural resources that can be found at home. Click different items in the home and see what they are fueled by.

Discover a diverse range of careers waiting for you in Australia’s minerals and energy sector with our careers interactives and resources. Whether you’re passionate about STEM or teaching students in the field, there is something for everyone.