Metal Reactivity Series


Atomic Science

Year Level

Years 7-10




Energy & Renewables

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This worksheet reviews the reactivity of metals and provides an overview of the metal reactivity series. It also introduces the concept of metal processing and the relative difficulty in extracting metal from ores based on their position within the reactivity series. The worksheet has a focus on aluminium and iron processing techniques, and provides an opportunity to practice completing chemical equations based on the reaction steps to form steel.

Educational Value Statement

  • Defines metal reactivity series
  • Displays information in tables and diagrams
  • Outlines metal processing techniques for a range of metals
  • Explains the process of converting bauxite into aluminium
  • Explains the process of making steel through the chemical reaction between iron ore and coke
  • Comprehend the steel making process to complete chemical reactions

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students learn about the metal reactivity series
  • Students identify the relationship between metal extraction techniques and the position in the metal reactivity series
  • Students learn about the bauxite to aluminium process
  • Students learn about the iron to steel process
  • Students understand the process in creating steel
  • Students create chemical equations to reflect the steel making process


Science Understanding : Chemical Science