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In this interactive, the steps involved in mineral exploration including geophysical and geochemical are explored. A cross-sectional view of a landscape, above and below ground, is provided and there are labels identifying various mineral and energy resources below the surface. Exploration processes, such as satellite image analysis by a geophysicist, must be moved into the image in the correct order, while estimated costs and times are indicated on gauges.

Queensland Energy Resources and Bremar Pty Ltd are acknowledged for their considerable assistance in the development of this product.

Geoimage is also acknowledged for the supply of the remote sensing image. Derived classification copyright Geoimage 2011.

Educational value statement

  • Provides a synopsis of the steps involved in undertaking mineral exploration in the environment including identifying some of the community, legal and environmental requirements.
  • Different types of scientists involved in the exploration process, such as geologists and geophysicists are identified; as well as landholders, indigenous representatives and other important stakeholders.
  • A range of mineral deposits and energy reserves, such as gas and oil deposits, coal seam gas, and geothermal energy are labelled in the image.
  • The process of mineral exploration is complex, involving many different organisations and professions, and can take many years and significant funds.

Key learning objectives

  • Students identify a range of minerals and energy reserves that exist below the Earth’s surface.
  • Students assess the role of a range of scientists in the exploration of potential mineral and energy resources.
  • Students evaluate a variety of steps in the exploration process and select them in the correct order.
  • Students review the time taken and costs associated with each step and at the completion of the exploration.


Science as a Human Endeavour: Nature and development of science/ Use and influence of science.