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Find out how carbon emissions from power generation can be reduced. This is a PowerPoint presentation that deals with the contribution carbon capture and storage can make toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It explains the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect. Techniques of carbon capture are described and their advantages and disadvantages outlined. Geosequestration is illustrated, and present as well as potential sites for carbon storage are identified. Most slides have images, flowcharts or maps and teacher’s notes are included.

Educational value statement

  • Teacher’s notes include detailed background information and some suggestions for student activities.
  • Includes diagrams illustrating the greenhouse effect and the carbon cycle
  • Discusses pre-combustion capture, post-combustion capture, oxyfuel combustion and the integrated gasification combined cycle.
  • Can be downloaded as a PPT file.

Key learning objectives

  • Students model the carbon cycle, explain the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect and outline how human activity contributes to global warming.
  • Students describe some technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from combustion of fossil fuels and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Students describe how the values and needs of contemporary society have influenced research into carbon capture and storage.
  • Students recognise that scientific knowledge changes as new evidence becomes available and that more research on carbon capture and storage is required.


  • Science Understanding: Chemical science; Earth and space sciences
  • Science as a Human Endeavour: Use and influence of science.